Kids Lunch Box Recipes | Recipes For Kids Lunch Box And Snacks Lunch

One of the most challenging task for all parents is to feed their fussy and picky eaters and sometimes it gets more difficult to think about what to pack for lunch to school.

As we are vegetarian so my all recipes will be no egg no meat. But if you like recipes you can replace the ingredients as you like. personally i like to give my kid different stuffed paratha (stuffed Tortilla) and vegetable pancakes..And i try to include more veggies in lunch box with fruits.

Kids Lunch Box Recipes 

Masala Idli Lunch Box

Suji (Semolina) Idli With added vegetables will be a hit among kids. Try this..

Paneer (Cottage Cheese ) rolls for extra protien for your kids..Try this yummy roll recipe..

A little healthy version of pizza with whole wheat flour..

Roti Ladoo very easy and quick as well as yummy to eat..

Healthy and yummy sandwich with potato yogurt..
Vegetable Cutlet             

A Great way to Add vegetables in your kids favorite food..            

Zucchini Paratha By veggierecipehouse

Zucchini Paratha One of the best Lunch box recipe..Made with Whole Wheat flour and zucchini squash (If you do not find zucchini then use any other similar vegetable). One of the best and kid approved paratha and it tastes delicious.

Hidden Vegetable Mac And Cheese

Sneaking vegetables in mac and cheese is a great way to feed picky eaters. Learn To make mac and cheese...

Sooji/Suji Uttapam

Mini suji uttapam/pancake is easy and quick to pack in kids lunch. 

Eggless Apple Pancake uses whole wheat flour and apples as main ingredients..Soft, fluffy kids are going to love this. Very easy to make..


Maggi Noodle roll very simple to make and kids love this recipe. Learn how to make noodle rolls...