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buttercream cake flowers

Buttercream frosting | Cake Painting With Palette Knife

From a long time i wanted to bake a cake that is something new and refreshing for my birthday just to give me a special treat, thought of making something fruity tangy flavored cake so Lemon Poppy Seed strike to my mind. it has a very refreshing and tangy taste.

but the other thing was i wanted to decorate it with flowers, so searched a lot for stabilized icing for flowers and one thing came to the search buttercream frosting, which i have never tried before. I personally don't like buttercream because of the excessive sugar content.

but than thought why not make with less sugar. Heard a lot buttercream is hard to handle that was somewhat true. i made a fresh batch of buttercream with less sugar and was really very happy with the outcome. 

decorate eggless cake

i have used CREAM CHEESE filling between the layers. any color or any essence can be added in the cream cheese i have used vanilla essence.

With The flowers it was my very first time, i had never tried flowers with buttercream before.

but whenever i was taking it out from the fridge, within few minutes it started melting, that was the hard part in making this cake. But the end result was awesome which i never expected in very first attempt.

How To Prepare

Whip Room Temperature Butter with electric or hand mixer on low speed.

buttercream recipe

Sieve Icing sugar at least 2 times and add gradually to whipped butter,  continue whipping on low speed until fully incorporated.

cake cream icing

Once sugar is fully incorporated and light and fluffy, add Cream/milk And Vanilla essence. whip again 3-4 minutes till light and fluffy.

buttercream recipe

cake icing

Spread Thin layer of buttercream frosting on the sides and top of the cake. coat the cake with buttercream in a way that your cake is still visible underneath it is crumb coating. Put it in fridge for 30 Minutes to set the first coating.

how to buttercream cake

after 30 minutes apply final layer of frosting evenly, and smooth out with icing knife or scraper. put it in fridge until flowers are being ready.

icing cake

Divide rest of the cream in equal parts for the making flowers. add food color of your choice, i used gel based food color Red, Green, Yellow, orange And Mixed Red+Blue. Save Some white color frosting for using in flower.


cake icing

spread white buttercream on flower nail and place the small cut butter paper on that.

buttercream flower

Now with tip #104 start from inside to outwards making a wide U shape and slightly upwards when finishing the petal. Keep rotating the nail as you make more petals.

petal flower for cake

It will look like this once you made petals. Now add little yellow dot in the middle if you want.

petal flower

For second flower use same tip #104, first spread heavy base of cream on butter paper. make a rose bud by taking a full 360 degree round. Make one more round on top again same way.

flower for cake

Make first three petals by touching the tip to the base of bud and making 180 degree angle. then for second petal again start from the middle of first petal. than make 5 petals.

cake flowers

Make other colored roses the same way. keep the thin part of the tip upside while making rose.

buttercream rose

For third flower tried to make daisy but butter kept melting, not a perfect shape but tried an easy way.. so make a circle with yellow buttercream using Tip #81.

buttercream flower

Now start from the middle of the circle and make closer U shape.

cake decorating

how to decorate cake

for leaf take Tip #352 with green buttercream frosting. you can directly make on cake, i forgot to click picture. but i am showing you on butter paper. hold the tip sideways and start from center to all the way up.

buttercream flower

painting a cake

decorate cake

 Prepare Buttercream Frosting

Ingredients for frosting and Decorating
  • 1 cup room temperature butter
  • 2 cups confectioner sugar (icing sugar)
  • 3-4 tbsp whipping cream or milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence or lemon essence
  • yellow, red, orange,green food coloring
  • piping bags
  • Flower nail
  • piping tips for flowers wilton 104, 81, 352(for leaf)
  • palette knife set for painting on cake
  • a plate or cutting board for placing different colors of buttercream
  • small beads sprinklers
Method Prepare Buttercream frosting
  1. whip room temperature butter with hand mixer or electric, butter shouldn't be too cold or too melted.
  2. whip until it is light and fluffy.
  3. start adding confectioner sugar gradually, whip until fully incorporated.
  4. add vanilla or lemon essence.
  5. add cream (can be substituted with milk) and whip 3-4 minutes.
  6. divide the cream equally in 4-5 bowls, add food coloring of your choice.
  7. i used red, green, yellow, orange.
  8. if want pastel colors than start with 1-2 drops of food color and keep adding and mixing till you see the desired color.
  9. keep the bowls of buttercream in fridge for few minutes, it can melt if too hot.
How To Make Rose Flower
  1. fill the buttercream in a piping bag with tip 104
  2. hold flower nail in left hand from the base. apply little icing on flower nail and place small butter paper on it.
  3. Make the rose base by squeezing heavy base of buttercream around 3/4 ".
  4. using same tip 104 make a rose bud starting from one end to full 360 degree circle.
  5. make first three petals by touching the tip to the base of bud and making 180 degree angle.
  6. then for second petal again start from the middle of first petal.
  7. and do the same for third, now you have 3 petals.
  8. make the row of 5 petals.
  9. place flower on paper in fridge until ready to used
How To Make 4 Petal Flower
  1. with tip no.104 Start making first petal. Hold the bag at a 45 degree angle, so that petals have a curved look. Make a U shape for petal.
  2. Make all the petals same way like a U. keep rotating the nail and piping the petals
  3. In the center of flower add a Big dot with yellow icing
  4. place in fridge until used.
How To Make Daisy Flower
  1. with wilton tip #81 the curve of the tip facing up, start the petals from the center and out.
  2. Pipe them close to each other, if you want you can add another layer.
  3. chill them in the freezer till ready to use.

Assemble Cake

  1. Take your prepared cake (cake can be any flavor of your choice) Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
  2. On the top and sides of cake, add a thin layer of buttercream frosting. it is called crumb coat. 
  3. fill all sides and cracks of cake, if any.
  4. put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  5. apply another (final layer) of buttercream frosting either with spatula or use pipe bag method (fill buttercream in piping bag and start piping from bottom to top of the cake.
  6. smooth out the top part than sides.
  7. if you see any gaps just fill in the buttercream and keep smoothing.
  8. put it back in fridge.
For palette knife painting on cake 
  • in the bowls add buttercream mix the different colors of your choice.
  • after mixing chill buttercream for few minutes in the fridge.
  • place 1-2 tbsp of all the colored buttercream in a plate or cutting board.
  • Starting with a round palate knife, add a bit of colored buttercream. In a rounded motion make the first petal, like you are wiping the buttercream off the knife and onto your surface. Repeat in a circle for 4-5 leaves.
  • In between your icing can start melting so put the cake and icing back in fridge for few minutes and take out when little bit firm and start making rest of the flowers.
  • Big flower with petals you can make with icing spatula it's much easier.
  • for the green leaf use leaf palette knife (if don't have palette knife than use paint brush).
  • Continue making flowers and leaves around the cake as you like.
palette knife painting

flower painting

palette knife painting

Final Step

  1. once your buttercream frosting and painting on cake is done.
  2. take out the prepared piped flowers and place on the cake wherever you like.
  3. to fill the spaces add green buttercream in piping bag with 352 leaf tip
  4. and make leaves around the flowers.
  5. in the center of the flowers add golden round sprinkler.
  6. cut and enjoy.

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