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Paneer Ki Kheer | Indian Cottage Cheese Pudding

paneer kheer one of the best and quickest kheer recipe that can be made in no time and tastes so amazing and a perfect recipe for your guest and for special occasions. 

Paneer ki kheer is prepared using crumbled paneer, milk, saffron and dried nuts. flavor this kheer with cardamom powder.

How To Prepare

you can make paneer (indian cottage cheese) at home with simple method. Boil 1/2 litre milk in a heavy bottom pan.
once milk is at full boil add lemon juice and stir, you will see whey is separated from milk fat, strain this fat (paneer) in a cheese cloth/strainer and rinse under running water and let the extra water go from the paneer by hanging the cloth, paneer is ready.

Paneer Kheer

  •  3 Cups full cream milk
  •  1 tbsp sugar or as needed
  •  1/2 crumbled paneer (indian cottage cheese)
  •  3-4 saffron strand
  •  Mixed dried nuts chopped
  •  1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  1.  first ina  heavy bottom heated pan add 3 cups of milk and let it boil on low heat, stir occasionaly.
  2.  reduce it to half of it's original quantity, add sugar and crumbled paneer, mix really well so that there are not any lumps of paner.
  3.  add saffron strands. mixed nuts and cardamom powder cook 3-4 minutes or until it is little thick like pudding.
  4.  now serve chilled or warm garnish with nuts.