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Last year around December we went to a mall and there was a big banner on this entry door Legoland is coming in April.. and my son immediately asked mom can we celebrate my birthday in LEGOLAND and i replied yes why not.

After that this covid Virus came and his birthday plans were almost ruined.

so in the beginning of September i asked him again what party theme and cake you want and he immediately said Lego party and cake.. i was surprised he still remember that LEGOLAND but Due to covid we can not go there.

he made few friends in the neighborhood so thought let's celebrate with them so this lego preparations we did keeping in mind the covid and of course little bit safety.

i made everything at home Lego Cake, lunch, snack almost everything i packed in boxes except cake.

All the decor including lego backdrop, lego man cutout photobooth, Pinata i made at home. 

How To Prepare Lego Backdrop

To make lego backdrop you need
  • white thick paper
  • small white paper plates
  • glue
  • blue crepe streamer
  • a cardboard for number 6
  • a tape for number 6
White paper for backdrop

i kept the backdrop really simple, don't like very colorful backdrops so thought of making my own with white paper. 

finding a thicker quality white paper was also a challenge and of a good width and length and found a full roll on amazon. i used 48" by 12" thick fadeless paper 

How To Make Lego On Paper

1. measure how much width and length you need and make a line and cut there. lay down the paper and just keep the paper plates facing down in equal gaps.

2. take one plate and put glue on outer circle and press on that paper facing down, do the same with all of them. let them dry few hours

3. for number 6 i used a cardboard and draw number 6 and make a cut with sharp scissors.

4. Roll blue color crepe streamer on this , you don't need to glue streamer just roll and in the end put the tape on the end.


Lego Man Cutout Photobooth

items you will need
  • cardboard
  • colored sheets red, blue, yellow, white
  • black and yellow marker
  • 2 round wooden sticks
  • sharp knife
1. first measure and cut the cardboard according to width and length you want. Draw lego head man on the cardboard using pencil or marker.

2. with sharp paper knife cut the center for face, Draw Big lego head man face on yellow paper and cut out using knife.

3.Same way draw arms, hands, and legs cutout the arms legs and hands.

4. Stick everything at the right place on cardboard using glue

5. using a marker draw a dark outline on the body and draw on clothes and pants

6. on small white rectangle paper draw lego letters with a black marker and outline using yellow marker.

Lego Pinata

i wanted to do Piñata in my son's 3rd birthday party but thought he is too young for that and that time he didn't have so much friends of hid age. 

but this time i was not leaving piñata game, i filled the piñata with small toys instead of adding a lot of candies just added Lolli pops.

everyone enjoyed this specially kids, they were trying so hard to break the pinata and get their gifts.

Things you will need to make pinata
  • any cardboard box ( i used amazon box )
  • red color gift paper
  • glue
  • wooden art stick
  • thread
  • tape
  • knife to make hole 
  • ribbon or rope to tie
1. first make a square cut in the side of box from where you are planning to add stuff. cut from three side of square leaving the bottom one.

2. make a hole using knife in one of the side from where you want to hang it on tree or any place.

3. insert the rope in this hole and take craft stick and wrap heavy duty rope around it a or any ribbon, tape it tightly on stick. 

when you pull the rope from outside it should touch the cardboard, now tape it here 

4. wrap using a gift wrapper i used red color paper wrap like a gift box.

5. when paper is wrapped make cutout on the side square and top hanging side.

6. i had this pool noodle hanging around in my house so used that to make lego round shapes, and covered that with same red paper. any plastic container can be used and colored.

7. glue the paper on pool noodle and stick them to the prepared box i placed six circles.

Lego Decor Boxes

i wanted to decorate the side yard of our house to just make my kid feel special and to fill the little open space.

Just saved some boxes from amazon fruit boxes and from pantry. wrapped them with place gift paper. 

draw the circles on paper (little lighter paper than the wrapped paper) using a small round plastic container and cut them. 

stick to the boxes, using a black marker draw lines around them to highlight the circles.

stick all the boxes together using glue. 


Lego Theme Lunch Boxes And Juice Box

because i wanted this party to be little safe so instead keeping the food available for everyone i made all food at home and packed in individual snack and lunch boxes and for kids i kept the box in different colors.

i placed everything on the table just in our garage so that i can give everybody one box of snack and lunch.

Just named them as Lego Water, Mini Food Blocks, Big Food Blocks, Snack Pieces and Juice Blocks.

Kids boxes i packed pizza slice, cream cheese mayo sandwich and a cookie pack. snack boxes for adults i packed aloo chana chaat, aloo puff pastry, and for lunch i packed dal makhni, paneer sabzi, rice, naan.

For the boxes to look good i cut some lego loot bags and double tape them on the cover of boxes and same way with water.

i made food lables with thick white paper cut in square and used colored markers to write each names, used binder clips to hold them

Juice Boxes For Kids

for juice boxes i covered them with colored paper and drew lego circles. just mesure and cut the paper and wrap it around the juice boxes.

Things used

White paper for backdrop
Snack and lunch box
kids boxes from Daiso local store


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