Breakfast Recipes

Bored of thinking what to cook everyday for breakfast for whole family. You landed on the right page here you can find so many tasty and simple recipes for breakfast which are not only easy to cook but also tastes amazing.


Instant Breakfast PreMix

These breakfast premixes are easy to make ahead and store , use them as needed. this has pancake, upma and poha mix. Good for busy mornings !!

Zuccini paratha is not only healthy but tastes really good. A Must Try Recipe for healthy breakfast

Suji Uttapam

This instant suji uttapam is quick and easy breakfast, do not require any grinding or fermentation for long time

Sweet Dalia (Cracket Wheat)

Lapsi a gujrati sweet made with daliya (Broken Wheat ) and jaggeryOne of the best and easiest sweet made in just 10 minutes..And yes healthy too..

Eggless Pancake

This easy, Simple And Quick eggless Pancake is sure to win your mom's Heart This Mother's Day..  Try This Recipe for quick breakfast.


 Rava Dosa

This Instant rava dosa is crispy and easy to cook. Great recipe for quick breakfast.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is very popular traditional Indian breakfast, especially in North India, crispy from outside and inside is very soft. Filling is a blend of mainly potato and Indian spices.

Besan Roti Roll

Besan Roti (chickpea flour) Roll Is quick and easy breakfast recipe. that is not only fullfilling and tasty but healthy as well. You can utilize the leftover roti with this recipe..

Aloo puri an authentic breakfast recipe. thia aloo sabzi is made traditional way with soft fluffy puris makes a perfect breakfast to relax on weekends.

Besan Cheela

Besan Cheela (vegan chickpea flour pancake ) is quick and easy to cook healthy breakfast for busy mornings. serve with your favorite chutney or yogurt.

Yet another healthy breakfast recipe wheat daliya with lots of vegetables. enjoy this warm breakfast on busier mornings.

Chole Kulcha traditional indian breakfast or lunch recipe made with street style chickpeas cholle and bread kulcha.